To have your HVAC system function efficiently, it needs to be properly and regularly monitored and maintained.

Thorough and routine maintenance can encompass, regular maintenance checks, routinely changing air filters throughout your home as and when it is needed and seeking the assistance of professionals when you detect any issues that cannot be resolved yourself.

Regardless, it’s possible that your HVAC system will suffer from minor problems from time-to-time. So, as a homeowner in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, what can do to troubleshoot some of the issues?


Tip #1 – Regularly check your air filters 

As a rule of thumb, you should check and replace your air filters every 2-3 months. So, you should always have a few spare air filters handy, for when the clock strikes 2-3 months.

Keeping to this rule of thumb and swapping out your air filters will help ensure the unit is running properly for a longer period of time. A bonus? This also will improve your home’s air quality. Air filters that aren’t frequently changed, place more pressure on your HVAC system to work harder and end up circulating common household allergens.

Tip #2 – Let’s not forget the outside unit 

Most of our clients who check their HVAC system completely forget to pay attention to their outside unit. Don’t forget, the outside unit is an extremely important aspect of your system as it is the central point for airflow throughout your home.

Due to being outside, your outside unit is a haven for collecting debris, leaves and being subject to other external elements. This in turn will cause the unit to suffocate. Please be sure to regularly remove the debris from in and around the unit, this will help to keep the system running more efficiently. 


Tip #3 – Are you aware of your thermostat usage?

When it comes to your thermostat, we have a few things we think you should consider. If you think your HVAC unit might be experiencing some issues, a good point of reference is your thermostat.

If you set your thermostat, and are finding that the temperature doesn’t adjust accordingly, that could be a sign your unit is not functioning properly. It’s also important to note that you should set your thermostat at a constant temperature at all times.


Tip #4- Ensure your unit has power 

This point may seem obvious, but it often gets left off the radar. Furthermore, we have spoken to many clients who didn’t even realise their unit was out of power, until we came and did a check of the unit. If there is a storm or some issues in your unit, you may not realise your power is out until it gets really hot or really cold in your home. Our tip – if you think the power to your unit is switched off, then you can do a quick check of your breaker box. 


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