After an exhausting day, nothing feels quite as sublime as getting under the covers and clocking off for the day.  


Before snoozing off, some people like to pile on layers of clothing or wrap up in a warm doona, while others like to let the temperatures drop with their aircon to get their room as cold as possible. However, are you curious to know what temperature is best for a good night’s rest?


It turns out, those who like the freezing night-time temperatures may be onto something! 


Body temperature during periods of restoration 


Not to place a pun in the mix, the scientific reason why we sleep better in colder temperatures is pretty cool.

Right before you fall asleep, your body temperature naturally drops to prepare you for rest.

As you make your way through the day, your body will shed warmth. This cooling down process continues until you make it to bed. While sleeping, your body’s temperature gradually increases while expanding your blood vessels. The cycle repeats when you wake up!


A few advantages to keeping your room cool!


Thermostats can come in handy in ensuring your room temperature is just right. With thermostats, home residents can adjust the temperature to be as cool as need be, ensuring you sleep throughout the night comfortably. An ideal thermostat temperature range is between 5.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius, as this range has proven to help decrease your body’s core temperature.


Here are a few benefits to keeping your room icy cool…


  • You’ll fall asleep in a flash!
  • It also improves the quality of your sleep. This is because your body temperature drops down right before bed, and will rise naturally as you get closer to waking up!
  • Improved melatonin production – As the body’s natural sleep hormone and a powerful antioxidant, its production increases while sleeping in a cooler environment. 
  • It goes without saying – a cooler room will ultimately enhance your mood! 


Our final comments…


We advise that you try and ensure that the temperature where you sleep is on the cool side before you close your eyes and call it a night. This will help your chances of getting an uninterrupted sleep! For more information be sure to chat to our team in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney today.

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