Summer is coming…and you know what that means? Time to crank on the aircon!

With our relentlessly unforgiving climate, having an air conditioning system is a must. Yet as we enjoy the comfort it bestows upon our life and home, we have to contend with rising electricity bills. This is why it helps to have an efficient insight into your system!

By taking a few simple measures, you can ensure that you are living a little greener and are slicing some money on the electricity bill.

Here’s some tips on how to save electricity with an air conditioner.


Set the temperature a little higher this summer

Experts suggest that by increasing the temperature in your home this summer, just a little bit, can make a worldly difference to your bill. It doesn’t sound like much, but the impact is huge…and so is the reward! The most common AC temperature customers set their systems to during summer is anywhere in-between 21 – 23°C. However, setting the AC temperature at 24°C can still be comfortable, while saving you on your electricity bill. You can apply the same principle to winter too.


Only use your aircon in spaces you are ACTUALLY using in that moment

If you have a central AC system, then use the zoning options to ensure you are only cooling or warming areas that are actually being used at a particular moment in time. Alternatively, you can invest in a portable AC or split system that will only activate and operate in the room you are in.


Replace older AC Units with newer and more energy efficient ones

How efficient is your current AC unit? The first place to look is at the energy rating on your current AC. The more stars on there, the more energy efficient the AC is and the cheaper it is to run. You can chat to your team at IACS today and we can recommend what energy efficient aircon options we have in our store. We will customise our solutions based on your needs and budget.


When winter comes, keep yourself warm in alternate ways

It’s not hard to stay warm without an aircon, when it comes to the colder months. By wearing a jumper, and slipping on a pair of warm winter socks, you are halfway there! For those moments when you are lounging on the coach or reading a book, cover yourself with an electric blanket. These are much more energy efficient measures compared to solely relying on your AC unit. By balancing yourself out in winter, and distributing what you rely on for warmth, you lessen the load on your AC unit to do the heavy lifting for you…which will save you when it comes time to pay the bill.


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