One thing you may not have thought about when you are considering your options for a ducted air conditioning system in Perth is how it will blend in with your outdoor decor.  


You may hear many terms associated with your air conditioner system. 

  • Power 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Comfort 

When it comes to describing your air conditioner, there is one word that rarely pops up: attractive. 

Let’s face it: old air conditioners can look ugly. They can take up valuable space inside and outside of your home and can ruin the appearance. 

If you are still planning your residential or commercial air conditioning installation in Perth, you can still ask your air conditioner installation team to arrange your system in a way that minimises visual clutter and maximises space. 

 But what if your system is already in place? You can’t realistically expect to move it. 

Luckily, there are several ways to hide it. 


Camouflage Design 


There are many ways to disguise or hide the unit so that it blends in seamlessly with your decor. 

It is essential to determine the location of your outdoor unit when you are looking for a cooling air conditioning system, wall split, cassette, or multi-headed air conditioning system. This is a critical part of the design process for IACS. Outdoor units can generate extremely cold air, ranging from 0° to 60°C. Due to their combination of a single or dual fan and multiple compressors, they make some noise. This unit is obviously not recommended to be placed under any outdoor entertaining area or directly next to a bedroom window. 

IACS will typically offer our clients a couple of options for outdoor unit locations. If there is no clear location on the ground, we will accommodate other options. 

Many of these ideas can be done by DIYers. If DIY is not your thing, you can always find a handyman who will help you hide your AC unit. 

Firstly, though, we want you to be aware of two rules that will help you when hiding an AC unit. 

  1. Airflow should never be blocked around equipment. It won’t cool you as well, and you will only make it more difficult to work. 
  2. Make sure you have a creative solution that allows for access to the equipment when you need residential air conditioning service. 

If your goal is to buy a new unit, contact us today. We have plenty of options. 


Bamboo or Lattice Screen  


The quickest and most effective way to conceal the ducted reverse-cycle unit is with a bamboo screen or lattice. These screens can be purchased at your local hardware store in a range of colours and styles. This will allow you to choose the right one to match your ducted air conditioning unit in Perth. 

A climbing vine can be planted to camouflage your greenery and plants. It will grow upwards to cover the base. 


DIY Planter Box 


A DIY project can be done by creating a planter box that surrounds the unit. Imagine a planter container on stilts. It will cover the top, sides, and top of your unit. You’ll then need to add a panel on the front. You should leave enough space between the wood panels to allow for airflow. 

It is likely that anything you plant here will drop leaves. If you don’t want this to happen, a removable grate to catch the leaves and petals can be a great way to clean it. 


Plant Some Greenery 


By combining your passion for gardening with your love of gardening, you can turn your outdoor air conditioner unit into something more pleasing. 

Plants can be a great way to hide your air conditioner system. Potted plants and planters are particularly useful because they can be easily moved when air conditioner repairs or maintenance in Brisbane are required.

Remember that plants can shed leaves, seeds, and other debris that could get into the coils. 

To avoid problems with your air conditioner, make sure you prune and clean often. 

You should also consider whether your plants can withstand heat. 

Modern refrigerated cooling cools by drawing heat out of the air and exchanging it outside. You could end up with plants that are used to cover your outdoor unit caught in the crossfire. 

Be sure to measure the temperature of the area surrounding your air conditioner before you visit your nursery. Also, don’t forget to consider the summer heat. 


Installing a Shed 


You can make a shed to hide the duct recycle unit if you have enough space. You can use this shed to store your gardening tools or other items. This should be easily accessible for repairs and allow for adequate airflow. 


Roof Brackets  


Specially designed roof brackets can be used to mount the outdoor units on your roof. Mounting the outdoor air conditioner unit on the roof is a great way to keep it out of view. Outdoor AC units are designed to be outdoors all year. 


Hiding an Indoor Unit  


Okay, so the outdoor unit is covered, but what about the indoor one? 

It is not easy to find an indoor unit. 

Our recommendation is to look for an air conditioner that has low profile alternatives to the wall-mounted system. 

  • Ceiling cassettes 
  • Bulkhead systems 
  • Ceiling suspended units. 
  • Vents  

For visual clutter and minimal distraction, duct air conditioning in Perth is another option. 


Hidden Split Systems 


You can also cover your indoor unit just like you did with the outdoor unit. 

Wall-mounted units are typically mounted higher than outdoor units, so this can be a challenge. 

It can’t be hidden by itself, but you can reduce its visual impact with these steps: 

  • Place a tall bookcase or cabinet directly beneath your wall-mounted system. 
  • Installing shelves 
  • Build a bookcase/entertainment system around your air conditioner. 
  • Turn the wall into a feature wall

You can easily make your wall-mounted unit blend in with its surroundings by simply arranging some items. 


Are You Looking for An Air Conditioner? 


IACS award-winning team offers many options to help you maximise space and minimise visual clutter. 

You only need to tell us about your preferences during the system design phase. We’ll walk you through all your options. 

Our team may suggest alternatives to wall-mounted indoor units such as bulkheads and vents. We will also help you choose a spot for your outdoor unit that is out of the way and hidden. 

Are you thinking of installing residential or commercial air conditioning in Perth? 

Do you want ducted air conditioning in Perth that is powerful but won’t look bad? 

Contact us today, IACS offers a full residential air conditioning service.