Summer is just around the corner, and we’ll all be turning on our air conditioners any day now, but is your air conditioner ready for summer?

Your air conditioner system is crucial to your family’s comfort in the summer months. It’s important to ensure that your system is up and running when the heat arrives.

Summer can feel like a constant battle against the heat. People need to overcome it to maintain their comfort and good health. A strong defence system is essential to protect against the scorching summer sun.

Do you know what shape your air conditioner is in?

After your air conditioner unit has been given a summer-ready overhaul, heat won’t be able to match the performance and efficiency of your MDV HVAC system.

How to Prepare Your AC System For Summer

Change Your Filters

Maintenance of your air conditioner’s filters is the fastest and most efficient way to keep it running at its best. Filters that are clogged can cause issues with both air quality and functionality. Your filters should be checked and changed regularly, but especially before the spring or summer season.

Dust, pollutant particles, and other contaminants that your unit draws in can start to stick to the filter’s interior components. This extra strain can eventually make your compressor work harder and less efficiently. The system’s use and the frequency of filter changes will determine how often filters should be changed.

Examine for Water Leaks

Leakage of water is a common problem with air conditioners in Australia. Condensation can build up around the vents of your air conditioner and cause water stains.

It is important to make sure that all windows and doors are closed when using an air conditioner. Proper roof ventilation and cleaning the coils and filters are also important.

You should contact an air conditioner service technician if the water leaking continues. They will be able to diagnose the problem and suggest ways to fix it.

Clean the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit

Dust, garbage, and other garden materials can build up around your condenser. This can potentially affect the functionality of the unit. If there is no venting, temperatures can rise too high, which could cause serious problems. It is a good idea to grab a broom and clean up every few months or after any severe weather.

Sometimes, animals may also find a cosy home within the condenser. While it may sound cute and cosy, unfortunately, it does not always work out well for you or the animal. A rat or a lizard can make a mess, and it is not something you want.

While you’re out, make sure to check that your electrical setup is in good condition. Also, be sure to inspect the motor and power supply for any issues.

Adjust the Settings

There are many options for air-conditioning units. Some have remote controls, while others use thermostats. No matter what model you have, ensure that you have the right settings set for summer usage.

You will want it to turn on at the beginning of each day, and then switch off at the end. This is a good idea for a work environment. Many models, such as those we sell at IACS, come with an app that allows you to control the unit from your smartphone. You can control the temperature at home or in your workplace from any device.

Ask yourself these questions as you test your air conditioner:

  • Are you getting cool air from the vents?
  • Do you hear unusual sounds like banging in the vents, or motor/condenser noises that are not normal?
  • Are you able to see any leaking pipes or hissing?
  • Do you smell bad?
  • Is the fan able to create a strong breeze with its powerful blow?
  • Are all the functions working correctly?

If the answer is no, you may need to hire a professional. You can clean and replace the parts yourself. However, only a licenced professional can conduct a thorough inspection of your air conditioner. Air conditioners can be complicated beasts, so it is important to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Insulate Your Home

Insulating your home is another big project that can be costly but worth the effort. Insulating your home will help maintain a comfortable temperature. Insulation is a long-term investment that will dramatically lower your energy bills.

Find places where cool air can escape and enter. The roof, windows, and doors are all good places to insulate. You can increase your home’s insulation by installing roofing insulation, double-glazed windows, thick curtains, and draught seals.

Get A HVAC Service

There are many things you can do to prepare your air conditioner for summer, but it is worth hiring a professional HVAC company for total peace of mind.

We recommend that your air conditioner unit be serviced at least once a year, depending on how often you use it and its manufacturer. The air conditioner service in Brisbane, Perth and across Australia will include a complete strip down of the unit, cleaning or replacing the filter, coil assessment, gas monitoring, checking airflow, and making sure that the cooling and heating functions work at their best.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

It’s simple to fix a broken unit, but there are important distinctions between irreversible and simple repairs. It’s not enough to have your air conditioner serviced and maintained regularly. Your air conditioner’s performance will start to decline, and your cost of maintaining and running it will go up.

Are you able to recognise any of these signs with your air conditioner Although these signs may seem unluckier than the number 13, you can still turn your fortunes around.

Talk to the friendly staff at IACS to find the right MDV air conditioning system for you and end your outdated, inefficient, and expensive system.

Whether you need new air conditioning or beyond, our experienced team can assist you in upgrading your air conditioning.

Get in touch today and be ready for summer.