Have you been getting the feeling that your aircon is just not performing how it used to?

After a long day at work, you come home, switch on the aircon and prepare yourself for a relaxing night. But as you settle into your bed to get a good night’s sleep, you notice that something isn’t right with your aircon and while you already had it fixed a couple of times, it’s not as efficient as it used to be when you first bought it. You wonder if you need a new one.

When you check the weather and see it’s pushing the mid-to-high 30’s, you are comfortable in the knowledge your aircon can do its duty and keep your house cool. You’ve had it fixed a couple times, sure, but it’s still good for a few more years, right? As you lie in bed and the sweat starts to form on your forehead, you can hear the whir of your air conditioning struggling to keep the heat down. A sinking feeling creeps in, you may need to replace your air conditioning.


#1 Here are some classic signs it’s time for a new air conditioning solution.

Air conditioning is important. This is Australia and it gets hot, hot in the summer and pretty chilly in the winter. As one of the most used appliances in the home, it’s essential you keep an eye on it. Here’s some signs that your old unit has had its day.


#2 It’s just not what it used to be

The aircon is cold, but it’s just not as cold as it used to be, and it isn’t cooling the space down as effectively as it once did. If you’ve had it serviced, given it a clean and it’s still not working as it should, more than likely it will give out one day soon.


#3 Your utility bills are higher than usual

When comparing your bills from the same period the previous year, do you notice an increase in consumption despite very similar usage? This is one of the most common ways people realise their air conditioning is going. When it starts hitting your pocket, the cost of replacing the unit becomes the cheaper option over time. A new unit can bring your bills down and improve the efficiency of your Perth home.


#4 Moisture starts building up in your aircon

It’s natural to see some moisture around your air conditioning unit. But if you start to think that it looks like it’s increasing, you might want to investigate further. Excess moisture can often point to a leak in the unit and may lead to it being replaced or repaired.


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