Mini VRF Inverter / Digital Scroll


Products In Range –
Four way cassette (compact), Four way cassette, Low Static Pressure Duct, A5 Duct, Medium Static Pressure Duct, Ceiling and Floor, Wall Mounted, Exposed Floor Standing, Concealed Floor Standing, Console
Cooling Capacities - 10.0 - 16.0 (kw)
Heating Capacity - 11.0 - 17.1 (kw)
Key Features:
  • Various Control Solutions


  • Flexible Piping Design  - The mini VRF provides the maximum piping length of 100m. The height difference between the outdoor and the indoor unit can be up to a maximum of 20m. The height difference between the indoor units can be up to a maximum of 8m. These generous allowances facilitate an extensive variety of system designs.


  • Auto Restart Function - Even if there is a power failure, the air conditioning system will automatically restart operation. A power failure will not cause any settings to be lost, thus eliminating the need for re-programming.

  • Design Flexability - Up to 7 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit (16kw)


  • Space saving Design - The mini VFF units are slimmer and more compact resulting in less space needed for installation.


  • Self Diagnosis - The self diagnosis function detects malfunctions in major locations in the system and displays the type of malfunction. This allows service and maintenance to be performed more efficiently.
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