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MDV Multi Head Split Systems are a convenient and economical way of air conditioning a number of different rooms. With one outdoor unit you can have up to five indoor units in a number of different combinations. Choose the capacity of the outdoor unit to run just the number of indoor units you require, or to allow for extra indoor units to be added later date. A fantastic economical option for cooling your home.


Quiet Design
Without decreasing the airflow and capacity the large cross flow fan can bring down noise levels by lowering the fan speed
Remote Control Standard
LED/Backlight Display
Other control options
Auto Restart
If the airconditioner unexpectedly due to power failure, it will restart with the previous function setting automaticall when the power reumes
Anti Cold Air
This function prevents cold air blowing out at the beginning of operation, which avoids discomfort to the user
Horizontal & Vertical Swing
The design of the large louvres with wide swing angle cool every corner of the room
Refrigerant Leak Detection
New technology allows the indoor unit to alert the user by way of alarm if it detects a refrigerant leak
Electronic Diagnosis
If an abnormal operation or parts failure is detected the unit will switch off and display a fault code on the indoor unit
Two Way Piping Connection
Both left and right sides of the indoor unit are possible making installation options easier
Capacity & Model Number
Cooling Capacity 7.0kw - 13.5kw
Heating Capacity - 7.3kw - 14.8kw
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