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MDV ducted split type air conditioners are designed and manufactured to the highest quality to meet the requirements of the home, office, hotel and other larger projects.


Quiet Design
Without decreasing the airflow and capacity the large crossflow fan can bring down the indoor unit noise level by lowering the fan speed.
Auto Restart
If the airconditioner turns off unexpectedly due to power failure, it will restart with the previous function setting automatically when the power resumes.
Anti Cold Air
This function prevents cold air blowing out at  the beginning of operation, which avoids discomfort to the user.
Fresh Air Switch
Fresh air intake makes air quality healthier and more comfortable.
Electronic Diagnosis
If an abnormal operation or parts failure is detected the unit will switch off and display a fault code on the indoor unit.
Auto Defrost
The unit can prevent the evaporator from freezing in extreme temperatures.
Wired Controller
Wired Controllers can be fixed on the wall, it comes as standard with this unit.
DC Inverter compressors
Long piping lengths
Customised anti corrosion treatment
Multi protection design
Easy Installation
Flexible control options
Capacity & Model Number
Cooling Capacity 20.0 - 27.0 (kw)
Heating Capacity - 20.0 - 27.0 (kw)
5 year warranty logo